Green Opal Entertainment provides quality business affairs services to the entertainment industry. With over a decade of experience in complex film and television production dealmaking, we support our clients with all their commercial and business needs. 

Our People

Meet Madeline, a qualified Australian entertainment attorney turned U.S.-based business affairs executive. Madeline has fifteen years of expertise in television, film & games, development, financing, and production, spanning Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Most recently, Madeline was the production attorney in London for the latest installment of the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die.  Prior, she was Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at IM Global and Global Road Entertainment in Los Angeles.

Madeline created Green Opal Entertainment to provide producers, directors and other creatives with practical and accessible business affairs advice. She is passionate about supporting all types of creative productions with their development, production, financing, sales, and distribution needs. She can also connect you with specialist advice regarding music, taxation, and immigration matters related to the entertainment industries.


Green Opal Entertainment’s background and expertise in entertainment law and business affairs, combined with an understanding of the competing needs between creativity and commerce, make us a valuable asset to your project. 

With Green Opal Entertainment’s guidance, you can feel confident in your business affairs decisions and focus on bringing your artistic visions to life!

Specifically, we can advise on the following:

Development of creative content, including chain-of-title, option/quitclaim and turnaround agreements, and how to protect your ideas.

Production financing, including tax credits, and product placement/brand partnerships.

Specialists to work with you on taxation and immigration issues, including domestic and international tax credits, withholding tax and visa applications.

Talent negotiations and all above-the-line dealmaking. 

Working with the Hollywood guilds and unions.

Production services in international territories.

Locations and clearances for production. 

Music licensing and composer agreements.

Negotiation of terms for sales and distribution agreements.


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